An Update on Bauer

Bauer at 8 weeksWe have an update with photos and two videos from Bauer (formerly Annie’s pup “Donner”) and his forever family. As always we appreciate any puppy updates from adoptive families – keep sending them to us and we’ll keep posting them for all to see!

Today Bauer made a trip to the vet. He was happy in his crate on the way to the vet, and even more happy as I hooked up his leash and let him hop out of my car…but as soon as we got to the front door it was as though his puppy radar sensed this was a place where he didn’t really want to be. I had to pick him up and carry him in, but once we got in there he was fine. He won over the staff with his sweet personality, and even went so far as to show off all of his tricks for them…..he “sits”, lies