Koda’s personality shines through

Here is a fun note from the family Koda (of Chloe‘s litter):

Hi Everyone,

KodaI just came across some comical pics that I just had to share, I hope it brings a smile. Koda recently seems to think he’s supposed to be on top of the tables. He is now learning the word OFF! We think agility training is in his future. 🙂 The pics of him in the hostas are just a true glimpse of his personality. He always gives you the “what? what did I do?” look. He also, like the other pups enjoys hunting moths, crickets, birds and an occasional toad. He will spend an entire evening digging at the landscape rocks trying to catch the crickets. He did discover that pulling up the fabric underneath works really well also. He then tears off pieces and has fun watching me put it all back together. He thinks I’m helping him find those facinating bugs.

KodaHe also likes to hide his treats, but not outside. Ever since he was 2 months he would put them in a corner or by the couch. He still does this but now he likes to put them in the couch cushions or under a throw pillow. It is fun to watch how intense this process is. I heard about dogs doing this but never had one that actually did “bury a bone”.

He knows when my son is due home from school. He gets sooo excited when the school bus pulls up and knows that ‘his boy” is home. It is so heartwarming. My son and Koda have formed a great relationship. They are true buddies. It is the bond that all children should experience…. that unconditional love. It is all that I hoped for!

He is doing much better with his “excitement / submissive urination” . He still does it occasionally when meeting other dogs, but not all the time. Thank goodness! So, we are getting along and enjoying him more and more each day.

Hope to see all of you soon,


Koda Koda



Photos of Jessa

JessaHere some photos of Jessa, with an update on her progress:

Jessa‘s been doing really well. Practically no accidents and overall, she seems very happy. We’re having such a good time with her. The correctly sized Easy Walk harness arrived today, so we’re going to start her walking with that (quick question, should we take the harness off when she’s in the house? It doesn’t look like the most comfortable thing to hang around in). All in all, she’s doing great!

Thank you again for all of your help!!

p.s. One of the photos is of her chewing on a Cesar Milan book. Thought that was kind of funny…

jessachewingcesarKristin’s reponse:
I am SO happy to hear that things continue to go well. See, you can do it!! I am proud of the work you’ve done with her and her happiness is something to savor…You deserve how good it feels to see her happiness.
Also, you are right that she should not be in her harness full time. Just put it on her for walks or when you are training her or need her under control (to and from the car, for example).
Thanks for the update!

Juno update a photos

An update on Juno (formerly Cherry) thanks for the kind words!!

Juno sitting prettyJuno is a great little puppy! She is doing very well and adjusting quickly to her new home. She is extremely friendly and has enjoyed all the new people she has met in the last week. After the first night, she has not cried or protested sleeping in her crate, and she now seems to enjoy sleeping and napping in there. We can’t believe how easy she has been. We even left her at home crated alone for about and hour and she was just fine when we came back—although I’m not sure she even realized that we were gone. Her potty training is going better than anticipated, and she has not had an accident since Saturday (she only had two accidents in the house—on the day she came home and the next day). We’ve now established a good schedule for Juno, which seems to be doing the trick (and she also sits by the door when she wants to go out). She’s learned to sit and come, and we are working on down and walking on a leash; Juno is a smart little girl and very willing to please.

Juno snoozingJuno really loves the backyard, so we hang out with her a lot during the day when she’s not sleeping. She is full of beans during the day, and she enjoys gardening (chewing up the plants and fertilizing the soil), geology (picking up rocks), travel (through some gaps in our fence to our neighbor’s yard, which we promptly fixed), snorkeling/diving (for toys in her pool), sports (chasing her balls and toys), slalom (frenetic zooming around the yard darting in and out around and through the plants), and hosting parties (playtime with the dog next door). When she’s not outdoors, she likes lots of cuddles, belly rubs, training, sleeping, playing, and hanging out with us watching animals on TV. Juno is the cutest and sweetest little bundle of joy, and we are having a great time trying to keep up with her!

Juno sleeping after playWe cannot imagine what it was like for you to raise the litter yourself—you are amazing! You have also done a terrific job with the litter– we can tell by our very happy, well-socialized pup. Thanks for being a terrific foster mom and raising such a good little puppy; it has made it so much easier for us and Juno!

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First day outside for Willow’s puppies

Willow’s pups were just 4weeks old on July 12, 2009. Here we see a cute video of their first time ever outside, playing in the yard!

See this and other puppy videos on YouTube.

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Puppy chow pictures

These pups are just a riot when they eat!  A messy riot, that is.  Here are a few “puppy chow” photos for your amusement…

puppy chow1

puppy chow 2

puppy chow 3

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A milky puppy mess

milky puppiesWell, it seems Willow (formerly Daisy, formerly Angel too!) is not at all happy about the puppies teeth coming through their gums. She yelped when they latched on last night. So, since they are very mobile for 3 week olds and since she seems to want to end her mama duties sooner rather than later, I introduced them to some formula and BOY did they ever get into it! They, more than any other litter seem very ready to eat from a bowl. They finished each of the meals I’ve given them, although clean up takes as long as their eating does. They trash the room with milky puppy foot prints. And each of them are literally covered in milk. I am hoping they get better at it soon.

The classic milk mustache!

The classic milk mustache!

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