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Killers Among Us

We live with killers. Did you know that? Likely all of you reading this are sharing your home and possibly your beds with a known assassin. Even the sweetest among them are lethal and don’t you forget it for a second. Today I saw first hand, the violence in action. My sweetest of all dogs, […]

Iams promotion placed over 1 million pets

For the past ten years, the Iams Home 4 The Holidays campaign has run an annual promotion to place adoptable pets with new families. We recevied word today that they have surpassed the one million adoption mark for this season! The graphic below illustrates an updated count of adoptions via IH4TH.  Their goal is to place […]

Just One Dog

I got this from Michelle, our dog coordinator at H.E.L.P. It brought tears to my eyes. Yes, the music helps but the sentiment is right on. We only have to do one small thing. Just one and so much can be done. Thanks to everyone who has and will do their part. This wonderful video […]

Update on puppy Koda

Here is a note received from Koda‘s family (from Chloe‘s group)… Koda had also received the last of his vaccinations. He weighed in at 32lbs.! He is shedding his soft fuzzy fur 🙁 and is growing a longer coarse hair down his back and tail. We enjoyed the pics of Angel. She is so cute! […]

A milky puppy mess

Well, it seems Willow (formerly Daisy, formerly Angel too!) is not at all happy about the puppies teeth coming through their gums. She yelped when they latched on last night. So, since they are very mobile for 3 week olds and since she seems to want to end her mama duties sooner rather than later, […]

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Mothering doesn’t come easy to some dogs

It has been awhile since I last wrote. I’ve been in a very resistant place regarding this new mama we’ve got. I now think that taking on another foster so soon is extra difficult because the comparison between the dog and puppies that are leaving and the new group isn’t fair…one set is used to […]