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Up Next on Canine Fostering

Sweetie, our summer foster mama

Sweetie, our summer foster mama

As the story of Annie and her puppies comes to a close, do not fret! I will continue posting but the focus will change. I will give updates on the puppies (with photos!) and Annie and how they are doing in their new homes. I will also be posting on our previous fosters and how they are doing today, 8 months later. And finally, I will be including more information about our dogs (3 of which are rescues) as well as training tips.

So, keep checking in! We will also be hosting another dog family shortly…of course.

Happy Christmas to all

Particularly in these cold winter months, making foster homes available to shelter pets while they are placed in permanent homes is so very important. If you are unable to provide this service to the animal world and still want to help, we encourage you to make a donation to you local animal rescue.  We volunteer through H.E.L.P. which serves the Chicago suburbs. To donate to H.E.L.P., go directly to their donation page where they will gladly accept your generosite.

Happy Christmas to all from Annie and



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Puppy Cam or no Puppy Cam?

Ok, we want to know what you want to see!  I have posted a new poll on the right sidebar to learn if you would want to see a live puppy cam of Annie and her 8 pups – let’s call it “Annie & crate Plus Eight“!  Please make your wishes known and perhaps we will invest in making this happen.  PLEASE VOTE NOW!

This whole idea stems from an apparently widely popular Puppy Cam of Shiba Inu puppies.  As I am viewing in this moment, there are 10,300 users logged in watching the dogs sleep!  I can only imagine the viewership while the pups are playing!!!  Here’s that webcam:

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

Welcome to is a site dedicated to those kind hearted people who rescue dogs from various adverse situations, most commonly being housed in pro-kill shelters. We aim to share our stories of dog fostering and provide resources to those who may be considering rescuing a dog and those who might be new to fostering.  See our about page for more information on us, and by all means, we invite you to participate in this blog by posting comments to individual blog entries.

If you are not in position to provide for a dog in trouble directly, we strongly urge you to donate to a rescue organization, a no-kill shelter, or post a link back to us to spread the word! The organization we volunteer for in Northern Illinois is H.E.L.P., and they will welcome your donation. We will soon have a downloadable Widget available for blog updates as well as other means of staying connected to  Simply by keeping the conversation going we are doing a service!

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