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Sweetie, our summer foster mama

Sweetie, our summer foster mama

As the story of Annie and her puppies comes to a close, do not fret! I will continue posting but the focus will change. I will give updates on the puppies (with photos!) and Annie and how they are doing in their new homes. I will also be posting on our previous fosters and how they are doing today, 8 months later. And finally, I will be including more information about our dogs (3 of which are rescues) as well as training tips.

So, keep checking in! We will also be hosting another dog family shortly…of course.

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  1. Sachiko Eubanks - January 12th, 2009

    Hi,Kristin! This is Mac’s human mom from the puppy playtime. I love your website. I bet you miss Annie and puppies. Annie looks like a wonderful dog, and puppies are just adorable. Annie and pups are so fortunate to have you as a foster mom. All the people who adopted them are so fortunate to have cute and healthy puppies. After looking at your website, I decided to write an update to the foster family which Mac came from.

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