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Update on Willow from Germany

This is great news about Willow!! Greetings from Germany! I was cleaning out very old emails and I found your address. I thought I would update you on Willow. She is doing GREAT! She has become quite the international traveler. All my fears about her traveling were unfounded and she did great on our first […]

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Update on Willow

Here is a note from Lisa on Willow (below) and my response (above)… ************************** Lisa, this is wonderful news. I know that the readers will like to know about her life. Thank you for keeping up with her and hanging in there. Rescuing isn’t easy – in fact the kind of rescuing you did with […]

Willow is having trouble adjusting

I received a note from the family who adopted Willow and is having some trouble adjusting. Here is her note and my response: I need some guidance on some issues with Willow. We have some major potty training issues. I have been walking her on a leash outside to go to the bathroom. I try to take […]

Willow and pups romping in the yard

Here is a video of mama Willow and her eight pups playing in the yard on a beautiful July afternoon. See this video and others on YouTube.

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Willow is ready for adoption

Willow is a sweetheart! The vet has her age at 2 years but I strongly feel she is under 1 year of age. Either way she is full of playful puppy energy. She looks to be a golden/yellow lab mixed with some sort of setter or hound – she has a long nose and droopy […]

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First day outside for Willow’s puppies

Willow’s pups were just 4weeks old on July 12, 2009. Here we see a cute video of their first time ever outside, playing in the yard! See this and other puppy videos on YouTube.

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