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Images of Chloe’s Family Reunion

Chloe's reunion Nov 2009Here is a slide show on Photobucket, complied by Koda‘s owner (thank you very much Pam!) The password to get in is case sensitive so use the capital C: Chloesgroup. It gives you a great sense of the joy of that day. It was so amazing that I am still feeling the after affects – warm, happy, love energy all around. Those pups remembered one another and they remembered their mama, Chloe. It was such a joy to see them running, wrestling, nosing, and chasing one another.

In this Photobucket video (use same password to view), Indy and Jackson wrestle with a stick while Poppy tries to get Chloe to break up the fun. Another video from the Chloe family reunion.

Video of a dog and a deer playing together

We now have a short video to go along with the beautiful photos we posted of Juno and her new friend playing together in Wisconsin. Here is Juno and a deer romping around together:

Watch this and other CanineFostering videos on YouTube.

Teaching dogs mindfulness video

I was at a professional conference last weekend – a conference for my other profession. There I met some wonderful people. One woman in particular really cracked me up. I love how I can meet someone I totally click with in such a random way. Some of the conversation we had involved her mistaking me for the mayor of my small town – you get the picture.

Anyway, she has two lovely dogs to whom she tried to teach mindfulness. Mindfulness, for those of you who don’t know, involves the intense focus on one thing that is happening right now and inhabiting the experience of it completely. She showed me a video of her trying to teach her dogs mindfulness, and at first it seemed she was unsuccessful – the dogs nearly took her fingers off trying to eat the food. However, as I watched the video again I saw how the dogs are totally focused on her and the fruit – completely in the moment. For us, we tend to teach mindfulness through sensations, the feeling of the coolness in the mouth, the texture of the fruit, the sweetness and the liquid sensations as they explode on the tongue…the dogs could care less about that. But notice how they completely inhabit the experience of consuming the food. They are completely mindful in those brief moments of inhaling the fruit. So, who knows, was it a success or a failure? Either way, I loved the video. Enjoy.

Teaching Dog Mindfulness video (requires Quicktime)

Willow and pups romping in the yard

Here is a video of mama Willow and her eight pups playing in the yard on a beautiful July afternoon.

See this video and others on YouTube.

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First day outside for Willow’s puppies

Willow’s pups were just 4weeks old on July 12, 2009. Here we see a cute video of their first time ever outside, playing in the yard!

See this and other puppy videos on YouTube.

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Franklin says hello

Here is a short video of Franklin, my Quaker parrot, saying the first words I’ve taught him…

See this video and others on YouTube.

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