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Quaker Parrot Franklin talks and sings

I am excited to announce that Frank Frank (known by his stage name, Franklin) has another video on You Tube! Check out the link below to see a strange new thing he likes to do…in my hair.  Silly bird! See this video on You Tube.

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Franklin is very good at hide and seek

Tuesday night, after Chloe returned I went into my room to put Frank Frank to bed and he was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! I panicked and immediately jumped to the thought, “Bella (our dog who is a firmly dedicated critter hunter) ate him” We started looking everywhere, deciding he must have gotten out under the […]

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Franklin says hello

Here is a short video of Franklin, my Quaker parrot, saying the first words I’ve taught him… See this video and others on YouTube.

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Franklin impresses again

I have been going to the vet a lot lately, dealing with the Kennel Cough coursing its way through my pack. On this particular day I was feeling bad about leaving Franklin home alone again so I decided to bring him along. He loves car rides, getting all fluffy as the wind blows him from […]

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For the love of Franklin

Franklin’s favorite foods: Oatmeal pancakes with maple syrup Oatmeal ToastWaffles (best with maple syrup) CarrotsCornRed pepper seeds (!) the bean part of green beans (only) Apples Noodles Orange juice Soy milk Peas (occasionally) Pineapple       Things Franklin says: Ooooooh! Frank frank whatchadoing? What IS it? Shit Shut up STOP! QUIET!MOM! Hello. HEY! GOOD […]

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Franklin continues to amaze me

Franklin the parrot has been with us for a month now. We’ve worked out our little routines. I have found that like dogs, birds seem to thrive on routines. I do too, so it makes sense to me. He is starting to really get into his life here. He is willing to try any food I offer […]