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Update on Birch

An update on Birch (one of Willow‘s litter)!!  Her family wrote me tonight to say that she had her spay surgery and it went well.  She is a whopping 49 pounds!!   She looks so much like her litter mates it is crazy.  All the pups are really similar and also really favor their mama, Willow.  Seeing […]

Birch update at 9 weeks

Here’s an update on Birch at nine weeks… Everything is going really well here. Birch is very comfortable in her new home. She loves playing with all the kids and is sleeping well through the night. She just was at the vet and got her nine week puppy shots. She had a puppy parasite but […]

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Little Birch feels his pain

Yesterday, as my son was playing with the puppies he slipped and feel hard on his butt…and cried and cried. That sort of real, I’m hurt, cry. And little Birch walked up to him and put her head back and starting howling along with him! That made him stop crying for a moment while he […]

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Meet puppy Birch

Birch is a sweet and cuddly girl, born to a mama who looks to be part Golden Retriever/Labrador mixed with a setter or hound. Her mama, Willow is also up for adoption and is a mellow, playful, cuddly and patient dog. Her pups really take after her. Birch has a light coat, a little longer […]

Puppies plump and getting named

The puppies are HUGE. Really, I can’t remember a group being so heavy and big at such a young age. They aren’t yet 5 weeks old and already they are topping 6 pounds. I tried to weigh them on the little food scale I have and failed – they kept error-ing it out because they […]