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Checking in on Bauer

One of Annie’s puppies, Bauer has been practicing his swimming and agility. Here are some pictures, videos and stories of his life to date. I am always so touched and happy to receive updates on my little ones. Thank you to everyone who sends them!! Hey Kristin! It’s been a while…..months! Today is Bauer’s birthday, […]

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Bauer update at 7 months old

An update on our winter puppy, Bauer. He had his first “sleep over” recently and here’s what his owner had to say: I was playing around with my Picasa photo editor, and made a “collage” of Bauer, from puppy to well, big puppy! 🙂 I thought you would get a kick out of seeing how fast […]

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Bauer Report – 4 months

Here is a report on one of Annie‘s litter, Bauer from his forever family.  We love getting and sharing these updates! Bauer has turned into a very well behaved large puppy. I first noticed this when I was walking with him. I now can give him slack on the leash (which makes the walk so […]

Bauer Graduates from Puppy Class

Here is an update on Bauer (from Annie‘s litter)…. You are a model student…way to continue and expand on the training. I agree with you that Bauer definitely has a future as a therapy dog – the right disposition, temperament, and a huge jump on his training. Thanks for these. -Kristin   Bauer Update at […]

Bauer Training Video

More video from Bauer’s family – this is great!  Here we see Bauer at 9 weeks, practicing giving paw, lying down, and sitting up.  Teaching these basic moves is essential for a young pup and Bauer is doing a great job!

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Bauer versus Shovel

Ok, the cute meter is off the charts on this one… Here is a short video of Bauer and his antics with a shovel, taken during one of the snowiest winters Chicago has seen in many years.  Enjoy!

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