Update on puppy Sugar

We received a note from the family of Sugar (known as Sugar Maple from Willow’s litter)…

little Sugar Hello,
Just a little update on Sugar, she is such a sweetheart, she is really starting to feel more comfortable at her new home as she is exploring and very playful. The first night in her crate she did not do so well, a lot of crying and whining so I let her sleep with me, needless to say neither one of us got very much sleep. The second night we let her cry for awhile and she did calm down and sleep until 3:00. The third night she slept from 11:00 until 6:00, no crying. Right now as I’m writing this she is asleep in her crate, we leave the door open in the day and she goes in when she wants a nap. My son Sam is really getting comfortable with her too. He is constantly picking her up and carries her from room to room, she seems to like all the attention. It is so funny the difference in the way she plays with Sam and his friends other than with adults. She likes to run with the kids and she loves shoelaces. Thanks again for letting us adopt Sugar, we just love her so much. Oh I forgot to mention, she hasn’t had one accident in the house!

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