Update on puppy William

An update on William, from Chloe’s litter…

William at 6 weeks old

William at 6 weeks old

We had him at the vet Monday (diarrhea for a week after a trip to Pennsylvania; no worms, probably stress.) He’s up to 17.5 pounds and is well on his way to being huge. Now that he’s not pooping all the time, the sleeping has improved. He was in his crate from 9 pm until 6 am last night. He does love his sleep.

Biting continues to be a huge problem. The 8-year olds cannot enjoy him at all because he’s always biting and mounting them. We are in puppy class, but we will need additional training. I have been redirecting, but I must be doing something wrong, because usually he just gets too wound up. I hope we get it figured out soon.

Like Poppy, William went to several baseball games and was such a charmer. We had several comments that he looks like he should be on tv.

I thought we had a handle on potty training, but yesterday he went in the house within a half hour of being out. He does go to the front door when he needs to go, but not every time.

I hope everyone is enjoying their new family members. Most of the time we are, so I’m praying that we resolve the biting issue and get on with enjoying William.

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  1. Kelly Sullivan - September 9th, 2009

    Just wanted to report we are William’s 2nd Family, I think. We’ve had him for 1 week. He is doing well and we named him “Indiana” aka “Indy”, our kids like Indiana Jones and he has the blue Crystal Skull Eye.( I have a nephew named William) He is doing really well. He has his bursts of energy but settles down after that. He loves running around in the yard and going for walks. He’s a great pup and fits into our family well.

    DeKalb, IL

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