Saving Annie

Before we took in pregnant Annie (then named “Martha”) as a foster, she was rescued by the Fulton County Illinois Humane Society. We just received a note from a volunteer who cared for Martha while sheltered at the Humane Society of Fulton County, Pam K. …

Martha (aka Annie)

Martha (aka Annie)

After reading all about Annie and her puppies I knew I had to let you know how much this story touched me. You see, I knew Annie when she was still “Martha” and so thin you could count every rib on her body. She was so thin but had this big belly. And she was so weak. We were worried she would have strength to deliver the puppies. I am a volunteer at Fulton County and do the Petfinder write ups. I was so thrilled when HELP rescued her. We knew she didn’t have much time before she gave birth and were so happy we were able to get her out of our shelter. A shelter is no place for newborn puppies with all the noise and the germs. We did try to build up her strength and gave her extra food. She did manage to put on a little weight but was still

horribly thin. I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog about Annie. I am so happy to see how healthy she is now, especially compared to the pics I had taken of her at our shelter. As I read the continued story I cried right along with the foster. I know how easy it is to get attached. It is so nice to see a happy ending for Annie and all her puppies. A lot of times when we send them to rescue that is the end of the story. We do try to follow along and check websites to see if any of “our” cats or dogs are up and if they have any pending adoptions but a lot of times we never know what happens to them. It is so nice to have closure. The foster is a gifted writer with a huge heart. Thank you for sharing her story. When I think how things could have turned out I realize that Annie had someone up there watching out for her who also knew how special she was. Thanks again for a wonderful story. I am looking forward to any updates on Annie and her puppies.-Pam K.

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  1. Pam - January 15th, 2009

    I am glad I was able to add to Annie’s story. I had forgotten how bad she looked. It is amazing what a lot of TLC can accomplish. She looks like an entirely different dog! Did anyone ever decide what breed she was?

    H.E.L.P. has helped us out so much by pulling a lot of our dogs. This weekend they are taking Roger and Dodger, two 8 to 10 wk old puppies that were found under a porch (thank God it was warmer then) and Peppy, a b/w Pomeranian that this couple was supposed to baby-sit for this woman. After 3 months of babysitting the dog and no way to contact the woman they realized she had abandoned the dog and turned to us for help. H.E.L.P. has come through for us on so many dogs. Our rescue coordinator, Nancy, can’t say enough good things about Michelle. She has saved so many of our dogs, including Martha! Maybe you will get to foster Roger and Dodger and can start cleaning that good old puppy poo again! : ) Anyway, thank you for allowing me to know the end of Annie’s story. That is what makes all the LATE nights on the computer and the countless hours at the shelter all worth it.

    Take care,
    FCHS volunteer
    Canton, IL

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