Puppy Report

A lot has happened, I hope I can remember it all. First of all, I called everyone who adopted puppies and heard back from everyone …and everyone had WONDERFUL things to say about their new family members! I was thrilled. Everyone seemed to be doing well and really falling in love with their new dog. Some families reported that potty training was nearly complete, others that it was still in full swing. Both of these extremes (and everything in between) are normal for puppies. They are small, and subsequently their bladders are small and therefore they need to pee frequently. Add to that the lessons they have to learn about holding it and indicating to us when they need to go and it makes sense that this first lesson is a difficult one for some pups.

The families with resident dogs reported that their puppies had inserted themselves into their pre-existing dog packs with confidence, some even trying out their dominance at this young age! Families with children stated that their puppies were already fast friends with the kids and some were even bed buddies…(I have no problem with sleeping with your dogs, by the way, I just don’t prefer to do so…and remember, it is fun sleeping with a puppy, a dog takes up way more space and try kicking a dog out when they think bed is where they sleep…no thank you.)

I even talked with Annie’s new home and the report is that things are going well. I am WAY impressed by the pack leadership shown by Annie’s new owner, as she helps her resident dogs deal with the newcomer. Annie still wags her tail A LOT and still obsesses about her Kong but I believe these are the ways she handles her stress and that with time and continued good exercise they will diminish to a more normal level. I can’t tell you how relieved I was that things were going well. I always worry so about the mamas…

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