Annie is Moving On

Annie and pup

Annie and pup

Annie seems to get that I don’t want her to nurse the puppies anymore. She is an amazing dog. So sweet, so wanting to please. I tried to help her realize that her life gets to be good now. She gets to be the center of attention. She gets to be cared for and doesn’t have to work so hard to take care of her puppies anymore. They are grown now and she can go on with her life and really really enjoy it. She has settled down so much lately. Last night she curled up into me and just sighed as I stroked her ears and told her how much I appreciated her.

Annie leaves us this afternoon for her new forever home. I worry about her, hoping the transition to her new family goes well. Hoping they love her as much as I’ve grown to love her. Hoping that she loves them and trusts them as much as she seems to have grown to love and trust me. I never take that trust and love for granted. I always feel honored and blessed when I see it. Every time.

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