Annie is a Good Mama Dog

The puppies had their final nurse on Sunday night. I was shooting video, trying to capture the beauty of nature – how everything works as it should. Pups suck and milk lets down so they can drink deeply and fully. You can even see the milk dripping from the open nipples, and hear the deep gulps of the drinking puppies. As I was marveling at the sight, Annie regurgitated her latest meal for them. I was amazed and excited but Mike was (understandably) grossed out.

You see, in the wild mamas wean their pups much sooner than they do when they’re with us. And the puppies’ first food is predigested food the mamas bring home to the pups in their stomachs. The puppies lick at the mamas mouth and she empties her belly for them. It is completely different then a dog vomiting – there is no “working up” to the expulsion, just an opening of the mouth and the food comes out. I saw this with our first foster mama, Bella also. So it was extra cool to get it on film. The pups of course were interested and began eating it, which grossed out Mike even more. Anyway, it is something you don’t see all that often, so enjoy!!

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