Puppies First Solid Food

So, this morning I’m hanging out with the puppies and they seem to want to walk around so I take them all out of the bed area and put them into the puppy play room. They wander around, crying less than usual, and Annie is eating and they all walk over to her food bowl. Instead of nursing, they all crowd around her bowl and start trying to eat her dry kibble!! She was tense and growling at them but stopped when I corrected her (by saying, “Annie, no” in a shaming way). I decided they must be ready for more regular feedings so I took out the puppy formula, mixed it with canned puppy food and they CHOWED! I got video of it (will post separately after processing). Most of them seemed to “get it” and ate rather than walking through it. It was impressive. So now we’ve entered a new phase in puppy care – supplemental feedings. I will do another now and then again tonight and move to 6 times a day…sigh. The work is starting to bulid. After each feeding everything needs to be bleached/washed down – bowls, floor, food mat. But I’ll get into the hang of it. And there is only 4 more weeks left really. So, I must remember to stay in the moment and enjoy them while they are here, despite the work.

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