New teeth and play area

After wondering for a day why Annie’s teats seemed excessively full (yes, you are supposed to check them daily for obvious reasons) I realized the pup’s teeth must have come in and sure enough, all their little razor sharp teeth have erupted! No wonder she is less eager to nurse them. So last night for the first time in their lives I supplemented their diet with formula. They cried and cried. No one likes to grow up I guess. But a few caught on perfectly and lapped up the formula like they had been doing it for ages. I will introduce it again tonight and once a day for a bit. They are still unsteady on their feet so they can’t really manage eating anyway – they sort of just sprawl on the floor and put their heads in the bowl and lap. Most of them just walked through it crying.

Last night at 2 am I was woken up by a constant piteous crying. I went to check the pups and not one but two had escaped their bed area and were lost on the dark, cold concrete floor. I saved them and they were understandably grateful, making the middle of the night wake up call worth it. Puppy nuzzles at 2 am ain’t so bad!

New play area

New play area

The pup’s will need a bigger area to play in so we rigged an enclosure with some donated kennel walls and our “exercise room” walls. We laid down a blanket and put out some toys and it looks like it may work (there is a photo of the new room). At this point my thinking is that at some future time, when the pups can walk and run we will leave the puppy room door open to the exercise room and let them decide where they want to hang out. It will greatly increase their area and my hope is that they will all decide on one area to poop and pee and use another area to play in. We will see.

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