Choosing the right dog

pups at playChoosing a puppy is such a difficult decision. And then add to that the difficulty of finding one you fall in love with and having the puppy not be available to you…that is a heart breaker. It is rough work, what I do, but to everyone out there searching for puppies and coming close but not getting one, it is even rougher. I am sorry. There are so many unwanted dogs out there it seems like this shouldn’t be an issue, yet it is. That is because people want the PUPPIES, the cute cuddly balls of fur that they can shape into the perfect pet for their family. That I understand completely. And it is wonderful how many people out there want to be part of the solution instead of the problem – by your decision to forgo a pet store puppy you are helping dogs everywhere. The more people who decide against using a pet store the fewer there will be in the business of selling dogs and the fewer puppy mills there will be. But it is a difficult process and my heart goes out to all the families I meet, even the ones I have to say “no” to for whatever reason.


Chloe wonders who her new family will be

If you are reading this and are thinking about rescuing a dog, think about a dog older than a baby. Especially if you have experience with dogs or are an active person looking for a playmate or are someone with some time to devote to a dog – think about an 8 month old puppy, or a dog a year or two old…or a 5 year old dog…or a senior. These are the dogs that really need rescuing, that are living their lives in shelters behind bars, that are waiting for a second chance. These are the ones that have been treated roughly or neglected, who only want to cuddle up and love someone. These are the ones that are “rough around the edges” – who haven’t been taught (yet) how to be good family members but who have it in them to learn. These are the ones who deserve the time and attention. They will repay you. Dogs rescued after having known how hard life can be never forget your kindness and you will see it in the way they look at you – the trust and gratitude and devotion are there in their eyes. These dogs never forget that you are the one who saved them.

Think about it.