Dog friendly cabins in Wisconsin

Juno‘s mom, the one who took that great picture of Juno touching noses with the deer, is willing to share other photos she has taken!  You can see them at her Picasa photo page.

Also, she wrote this about the place where she and Juno met the deer:

“If others would like to take their dogs up to the place with the deer, I’m more than happy to share that information.  It is a property in Wisconsin, near Princeton, on lots of acres with groomed trails.  Most importantly, it is a very dog-friendly place, and your dogs are welcome inside the cabins.  They also have outside kennels attached to all three cabins to use when the weather is nicer.  Our old dog loved it there, and so did Juno.  The owners are Chicago transplants, and they bring along their weimeraner pup (same age as Willow‘s litter) with them when they check on visitors.  Check out the Copper Pond Lodge in central Wisconsin! 

Isn’t that cool?  I checked out the website and it looks great.  We will likely make reservations for there for next summer.  Thanks Sandra!