An update on Tucker

Here is a note from Tucker‘s family:

Tucker & Tanna, October '09

Tucker & Tanna, October '09

Took Tucker to vet yesterday and he also has mange. He is there getting treated as I send this and God knows he will be wound up and ready to go when he gets home!! Here is his latest portrait…..the vet said yesterday he is HUGE for 5 months…54 pounds and is guessing he will be around 100 when full grown!!He has his moments as puppy’s do, but he is 99.9 accident free now and loves to cuddle. We are working on NO for jumping and starting drop leash training. Still too many distractions…squirrels, birds, leaves and the like. He has discovered laundry and LOVES socks, flipping them, shaking them and playing tug of war with Tanna. Still loves his naps and snuggling up in bed.

– G.

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