Report on 2 mama dogs and 8 puppies

Chloe and puppiesChloe is doing well but is either coming off her meds or showing more of her personality…she is fearful of shy men, barking at them and running off. She is barking more when I leave her and she doesn’t want to be left but fine when she’s fine with it. She chewed up her pillow in her crate but still is quiet and goes in easily. Is great with Willow (I’d like to see them go together if this family for Willow doesn’t work out) and great with my dogs. She loves to run and run and run…She is very sweet with people comfortable with dogs, and her reaction to the people is a good way to read prospective puppy homes. She still loves “her” (Willow’s) puppies but is preferring to spend more time apart from them. She is fussing more when I leave her somewhere she doesn’t want to be left but is usually fine in the puppy pen. She is still settling in…

The pups are all spoken for I think. That is a relief! And possibly Willow! She had a meeting with a family and did wonderfully – nice to the kids, no jumping, came instantly on being called…who could ask for more?

puppies 08/02/09And the puppies…SO BIG! They are getting huge. They seem healthy and happy and I am so ready to see them go…sad but true. I will miss them a lot when they are gone but I am ready for a break. They completely fill the puppy room with poop and pee each night so cleaning up is no fun…they really want more people attention too. I feel completely pulled in many different directions. I keep trying to remember to stay in the present, do what is in front of me, and not to think about the work ahead of me. It is easier when I can successfully do that, and nearly impossible when I forget. I am trying hard to remember.

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