Puppy Ash goes home

Ash goes home

Ash goes home

Well, we just said goodbye to our first puppy…Ash is driving home as I write this. I decided to let them take him early (sorry to all you other puppy families – it was an impulse decision on my part and does NOT mean anything personal!!) Anyway, he was sweetly wagging his tail as I saw the door shut, surrounded by three of his four soon to be life long playmates. It made me so happy to see, and I think I even saw his new mama tear up a bit.

I just love how grateful my adoptive families are…it really means the world to me. It makes up for all the poopy puppy papers and hours of bleaching floors and cleaning out water bottles, and food bowls, and toys, and laundering bedding…sigh.

It is so strange – it is the hardest right now, the pups are HUGE (this group especially – they’ve got to be close to 20 pounds!) and take a lot of time and make a lot of mess. But then, in one four hour period they are all gone. Forever, I hope. Strange to be SO SUPER busy and then boom – nothing. I usually wander around aimlessly for a few days, unable to bear going into the puppy room to clean it but unsure what else to do with myself. It takes so much of me to do this work that I forget what I did before the puppies came. Especially this summer when we’ve had back to back litters (something I do NOT recommend to anyone!) I’ve been fostering puppies for three solid months. What DID I do before??

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