Precious Moments

pups in the snowToday my son was playing with the puppies after coming in from being outside again.  They were roughhousing, and I heard barking, growling, and yelling, all communicating great happiness and satisfaction.  Then I became aware that things were quiet.  I had been going about my business and was up and down so didn’t really know when the quiet settled and the noise stopped.  But I assumed I’d see the pups asleep and my son on to other things.  I poked my head into the puppy play room and no one was there.  I looked into the puppy room and saw all 8 pups asleep in their bed and my son, far too big for this, sitting in the tub where I hold their clean bedding, legs sticking up, head nodding, asleep also!  It was a precious sight.  I stood there for a long moment soaking it up – complete comfort brought on by exhaustion due to play.

January 1, 2009 • Tags: , , • Posted in: pups

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