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Elburn Herald photo by Sarah Rivers

Elburn Herald photos by Sarah Rivers

There is a feature article in the current edition of the Elburn Herald, a local paper that has been publishing for more than 100 years.  Susan O’Neill wrote the feature and Sarah Rivers took the photos. Fun!

Read Giving Puppies a Chance for Life

Update: The Elburn Herald is updating their website, so you can try this link also. Or just navigate from www.ElburnHerald.com

It’s a really good article, farily long too.  We kind of weave through the story of our foster experiences as well as our own dogs.  Enjoy – and submit your comments at the end of this post!

photo by Sarah Rivers

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  1. Ben Draper - January 25th, 2009

    This is Ben with the Elburn Herald — we are currently redoing our site, and the link for this story is no longer available. We have a temporary site up, and the link is now http://elburnherald.com/features/pets1001.html

    It will soon change again, however, when we go live with the newly-designed site. I’ll try to remember to post a link to the new story when it is up.

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