Signs of things to come

As I was cleaning up the puppy room before bed half of the group was wrestling and the other half was exploring. Walking around my feet, chasing the mop, and peeing and pooping on the nicely cleaned floor. I must have mopped that floor three times before I gave up, turned off the light and let the pups do what they will. They are paper trained, but they also pee and poo on the floor too…so maybe not so paper trained after all. Sigh. This is the beginning of the busy time. If I can keep myself in the moment, it isn’t too bad. But if I try to project outward a few weeks I get overwhelmed. This is going to be a challenge, trying to keep everything sanitary.

I cut the pups toenails again, boy they had gotten long! Everyone was very good about it and stayed relatively still.

Did I mention that one of the pups seems to have been bitten by Annie? I heard a squeal last night and sure enough, there is a tooth cut on the brown boy’s muzzle, right by his nose. Poor little guy! He seems fine and it doesn’t seem infected but it had to hurt. Now I feed Annie by herself so she doesn’t feel threatened by her pups and try to defend herself.

Speaking of Annie, when I was at work the other day I was looking at a beautiful Boxer that a customer had brought into the store. I kept looking at his eyes, thinking that they looked so familiar. Suddenly I realized they were Annie’s eyes!! So maybe she is a boxer mix after all!! I felt a little silly after my “call a pit a pit” post, but you know, she may be boxer. Who knows really. I did feel a bit more willing to be tentative in my guesses. It would probably just be safer to say that she is a “bully breed” mix. I like that term as it includes all those bull dog like dogs – pits, boxers, American bulldogs, etc. So, lesson learned.

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