Puppy Socialization

pups at play

pups at play

With the holidays there has been a lot of opportunity for the pups to play with many different people – kids and adults alike. This has been really good for them. The first time they met others outside our family they were shy and subdued. But now that they get the idea of how much fun people can be they are digging it! So, if you know who we are and want to come by to help with this socialization project, please do not hesitate to call us up!

For the past 24 hours they had a super marathon of play with our cousin Kendall. She and Ryan played for hours with them and were convinced that they had taught them many things including how to give their paw (both front AND back paws!), how to go down the Little Tikes slide (LOVE Little Tikes toys- great for kids, great for puppies!) and how to dance. I’m not sure how much of those lessons the puppies retained but I do know that the puppies learned that playing with kids is WAY fun and interesting.

The pups also got a lot of cuddle time, with Kendall and Mackenzie and Aunt Sue who fell in love with the brown one (Mackenzie thinks we should name him Butterscotch but that would mess with the reindeer theme we got going and it just wouldn’t sound right: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Butterscotch. I tried to get them to adopt one but alas their time and household are both full. But they were awesome puppy sitters for the day. Thanks you all!

We’re starting to get applications for adopting the puppies. We are on the tail end of the fostering process, the time where the mess and the time commitment build to the point where I wonder what the heck I used to do for a life. In a short two or three weeks it will all be over for us, and everyone will have moved on with their lives. But for now, there is food to be served and soiled paper to be gathered and recycled and bedding to be washed. And oh yes, puppies to be taught to dance!

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