Heavy Workload

Bless this mess.

It feels like I am constantly going now. Once I feed the pups then I have to take care of Annie’s food. Then I have to clean up the food bowls and let Annie out. Then I play with the pups to give them some stimulation and get them used to being handled and of course Annie’s right there needing some attention too. Then I have to clean up the wet papers, mop the floors and put down new papers. Hopefully at this point the pups are starting to fall asleep. Before they do I have to change their bedding, put the soiled bedding into the washer after taking out the wet bedding and putting it into the dryer after taking out the cleaned and dried bedding and folding it. Once the bedding is laid one pup invariably walks on it and pees. I try to pretend that it doesn’t happen. You can’t ever get the room cleaned – you just try to keep

What a cutie pie!

What a cutie pie!

ahead of filth. And don’t get me wrong -our house doesn’t smell, the puppy room isn’t unsanitary, but forget the kind of clean you are used to – when puppies are living in your home you have to just get used to a certain level of dirty in at least some part of your house. That’s why it is good to have a room or rooms devoted to puppies and the rest of the house free of puppies – it keeps the mess contained into a space where you can shut the door and not look at it. It will all be over in three weeks. Then I will bleach the floors for the last time, store all the bowls and bedding, return the unused food, and dismantle the puppy room, turning it back into our dogs’ room. Then I will cry and miss them terribly.

I know that the busy-ness of this time is just that – busy-ness and it is only very temporarily short lived. And I try to enjoy them and teach them as much as I can so they are ready to go to their new homes. I keep my mind on the moment and the big picture. Then I can do anything.

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