Cleaning up for the night

puppies 7-21-2009Ok, back now…That must have been the fastest ever clean up! Things are getting better. I picked up all the papers, swept the room, changed all the bedding – put the old in the laundry and the new in the beds (3), cleaned and refilled all the water bowls (4), cleaned and refilled all the food bowls (3), pottied all the pups (put them all outside where they cried and hopefully pottied), pottied Willow (nasty runny poop – oh well), repapered the entire room, and then gave each puppy and Willow their medication for the night….whew. They are all eating happily and quietly and I am off to bed. Hey, it’s before midnight! That is always a good thing.

July 23, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: fostering dogs, pups, Willow

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