The adoption process is underway

pups 07/20/09The adpotion applications for Willow‘s litter are starting to come in. This time is always stressful – the pups are older now and demanding more and more attention from me. They want ME too, not just my care, feeding and cleaning, they want to play with, explore, bite, lick and cuddle with me. And this is the exact time that I have to be on the computer reading applications, calling people and setting up appointments to have people visit. Sigh.

pups 07/20/09It is a bittersweet time too, because I am just starting to get attached to these little guys. I’ve seen them through their TWO illnesses and they are healthy, happy, playful puppies now. I am learning more about their personalities and already have my favorites…can you guess? And just as that is starting to happen I have to start talking to the people who will eventually take them away from me. It is just part of the process, I know. And once I’ve met the families who will adopt the pups I feel happy about their pups 07/20/09futures…I like the people I adopt my puppies to – I couldn’t let them go if I didn’t. So once they are real people to me, not just names on applications, I get really excited for them, and the puppies stop feeling like mine and start feeling like theirs – but until then, for this next week or so, they feel like mine and I know I’m going to lose them and that is a sad and difficult feeling.

pups 07/20/09Speaking of liking my families – I LOVE Chloe‘s group! I have, as I said, liked all my families but this group has really kept in contact with each other and have included me and I feel really honored to be let in on these puppies’ lives as they grow up. I have had a chance to see 6 of my 7 pups (and I totally understand Sweet William‘s family not wanting to make that 2 hour drive out my way again!) and you don’t know how good it feels to see them all thriving. Thank you all for including me!

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