Chloe’s puppies ready for their new homes

too cuteSo the end of Chloe‘s group is upon us…the puppies have all been spoken for and I am so thrilled by our group of adoptive families. They are a special group and I feel like I’ve made some good friends in the process – I’m that comfortable with them! One family even watched the pups for me while I walked the dogs! Everyone’s willingness to be supportive of me has meant a lot too. So, to all of you I say thank you and LOVE your puppies forever. That will make my work worth it.

Now, deep breath, on to more puppies!

puppies!This will be the first time we’ve done a group of pups back to back and I must say that I’m feeling a little hint of anxiety about it. Chloe’s group has been SO easy and has gone so fast yet the last two weeks of every litter, weeks 6-8, are always SO much work. I literally fill two large garbage bags full of wet and poopy newspapers each DAY now. Two bags a day – think about it! It is crazy. Our garbage man must think we are so odd. So anyway, the end of the process is always so much work that I usually relish the quiet house, the clean puppy room and the grass growing back in the puppy yard, not to mention all my free time! I was looking forward to it, I must admit. But these things have a life and a process of their own. I have said “no” to taking on a litter before and I will again but this time I just sort of knew that another one was coming. I wasn’t surprised to see Michelle from H.E.L.P.‘s email saying that there were not one but two pregnant dogs needing a foster home. We can’t take more than one…can one of you? Let us know.

The puppies are piled up by the door crying to be let in so I must answer their calls…

tired puppies

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