Chloe and her pups have all moved on

Chloe, a true angelChloe left today. I was so sad. Again, as with all my mamas, I cried. She is such an amazing dog. A true angel. I hope she does well in her new family. I hope they give her the kindness, safety, love, and protection she deserves. I hope they cherish her as much as I’ve grown to in this short one month. I hope they cherish her even more than I do. I have so many hopes for her. I hope she helps the family grow in their love for each other and for all animals. I hope she gives them the peace she carries with her. I hope her easiness and joyfulness infects their lives. I hope she is happy. I hope she remembers how much she was loved here. She did an amazing job. I know in a few months, when I can handle it, I will watch some of those videos of her playing joyfully with her pups and I will smile as I remember her. But for now I’m in mourning. It has been a rough day for me. I need a little break. My heart is full of emotions – sorrow, grief, relief, joy, gratitude…I am weary.

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