Frontline Plus is best for fleas and ticks

If you are like me, and live in a part of the world with four seasons you get to take a break from your flea and tick preventative. I stop treating my dogs after the first few hard frosts, usually sometime in late November or early December. But then, as spring approaches, I have to check my supplies. I try to keep enough on hand for at least one treatment in the spring before ordering my next years supply.

Frontline PlusI used to purchase my favorite preventative, Frontline Plus, from my veterinarian when I got my heartworm preventative. But with four dogs and the tightening of our belts this past year, I started doing some research to see where I could find the best deals. And I was shocked to find Frontline Plus online through Amazon for nearly half the cost of what my veterinarian was charging. I have heard rumors that the products on Amazon aren’t as high quality as the ones you get through the vet’s office but I find that hard to believe. It says Frontline Plus on the package, looks exactly like the packaging I get through the vet’s office, and works perfectly. I think the people who don’t trust it when bought online are just new to our online, global market place.

Here’s why I like Frontline Plus so much:
1) It works! I have never had a problem with fleas or ticks and I have been using the product for 20 years. I first heard of it when I had a horrible flea infestation in my home when my then alive and part outdoor cat, Cleo, brought them to me. I hadn’t known to treat her preventatively (ok, I was like 24 and had never had a cat before, how was I supposed to know?). After I cleaned up the house my veterinarian recommended Frontline and I began using it. I used it with her and with every dog I’ve had since.
2) It is easy to apply – once a month you open a little tube like thing and pour the contents on your dogs skin, beneath the hair. It leaves a bit of oily residue that either flakes away in a couple of days or you can wash it off after 24 hours.
3) It kills fleas and ticks at multiple stages of their life cycle. I won’t try to go into the biology of it, read the package or check out their website but it doesn’t just kill the adults, it kills the eggs and the larva and that sort of total coverage makes me feel secure. Really, if you’ve ever had your BED infested with cat fleas you know what I mean about wanting to feel secure in your flea preventative.

So, I suggest comparing your vet’s price to Amazon. Also, don’t think that those pet super stores have deals on the product – they don’t. It is nearly $20.00 more expensive there than online. Believe me, I work for one of them!

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