Another to the rescue and random thoughts

Whew. That was a close one. Thankfully another rescue organization agreed to foster Nisha and her pups. And, I didn’t post this but there was ANOTHER pregnant mama looking for a place to raise her pups at the same time as Nisha and thankfully she too was rescued by someone else. I am relieved because I have so much I am doing now to get the house together. I knew that my head wouldn’t be in the game so to speak – I really need to have the rest of my life on auto pilot when I’m fostering. So now my job is to work on what is before me (painting and painting and painting ceilings…does anyone like painting ceilings?) and get that job completed.

Here are some dog related thoughts that have been bouncing around inside my head: Why do people hold so strongly to a set of beliefs, to the point that they become obstacles to understanding other’s beliefs? This doesn’t make sense to me. So many trainers hold so firmly to a principle of training that they discount or are actually judgmental of another’s views. I think this is sad. I understand that some people see some ways of working with dogs as cruel, and I must admit that I too have a hard time with people who use overly harsh or cruel methods. But beyond that, some people are just plain overly opinionated and believe they know best and that everyone else who disagrees is wrong. I would be wary of anyone who implies that their way is best. I think the best teachers are those who are still students themselves, and are willing to admit the limits to their knowledge.

Another thought is: why do people still croppuppies’ ears and tails? Especially if they just have pet-quality dogs that they do not intend to show? Really, think about this folks, would you cut off part of your ear for fashion? Ok, maybe that isn’t the best question in this age of plastic surgery…or in fact, maybe it is the answer.

And finally, when is the last time you just sat with your dog? Just sitting and being still with her? In fact, when is the last time you were just still with your child? Your partner? Yourself? Try it sometime.

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