A new mama dog in need?

Nisha is a mama in waiting

Nisha is a mama in waiting

I got an email I was expecting to get. You know how you get a feeling that something is going to happen and then when it does it isn’t that surprising because you were expecting it? Anyway that’s what I felt when I got an email from Michelle (from H.E.L.P.), telling us about another dog that needed a home. She is a cute dog and the usual size, around 50 lbs. I’d take her in a heart beat. The time with Annie and her pups has faded into memory and the puppy room is just gathering dust anyway.

But here’s the catch – we are DEEP into remodeling our kitchen. And I mean DEEP. Like, today my neighbor and I sledge hammered our tile floor out, kind of deep. The thought of taking on another mama and her pups at this point seems exhausting and impossible, which means it will probably happen. See, I told Michelle that I’d prefer to have another foster home take her. But sometimes there isn’t any other foster home. Then the choice is mechanizing the whole group (mama and preborn pups) or taking her. So, there really isn’t a choice. I couldn’t live with myself if I said “no” just cuz I was busy and there way no one else to take her. So, we’ll see what happens. Here are Nisha’s pictures, just in case she becomes our next foster.

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