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Annie and her no-nursing shirt

Annie and her no-nursing shirt

Yesterday was a busy busy day for everyone. We had numerous viewings of the puppies as well as a few families who came by to play with and cuddle their new family members. The puppies are now 7 weeks old and aren’t ready to leave just yet. I like to wait until closer to 8 weeks to give them as long as possible with their littermates and mama. Annie continues to be a stellar mother, nursing them whenever they ask for it. I have to keep chasing her out of the puppy room to stop that as she will be leaving soon. I was up until 11:30 last night sewing her a little shirt to keep her teats in and away from the puppies. I was using an old t-shirt but the pups were climbing into the shirt through the arm

another view of Annie's shirt

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holes and hanging in it like a hammock – and of course, nursing. So this shirt buttons up the back and is very easy to get on and off and best of all it isn’t stretchy. I would make one for anyone who wants one so if there are any of you out there trying to wean a litter, let me know by email!!

So, to the numerous families that have adopted Annie’s puppies so far I say “thank you”. Thank you for choosing to rescue rather than buy a puppy. Thank you for agreeing to spay and neuter your new pets. Thank you for loving them as much as it is clear that you do. Thank you for being respectful of my home and my time and of being courteous and kind.

If I could ask one more thing of you it would be this: Please always try to remember that you have a dog, not a little furry human in your care. And given that he is a dog, he needs certain things that aren’t necessarily instinctive to you. Please learn all you can about how to care for a dog well – not just how to teach him to be a well mannered member of our society but how to fulfill his needs as a dog. Give him walks where you lead him, long happy walks daily so he can feel useful. Give him work to do before he gets his treats. Give him things that challenge his mind and work his body so that at the end of the day he is satisfied and content to curl up with you. Change your schedule for him, prioritize him – love him that way. The kind of love that is about giving rather than getting. I promise you, you will get more than you ever realized was possible back if you do this.

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