The Story of Annie

photo of Annie

photo of Annie

We agreed to take on our third maternity foster. Usually we like to foster the litters in the summer because at 4 weeks we can put the pups in the yard for the majority of the day. This past summer my son sat out with them for 6 hours a day, playing with them, socializing them and giving me a chance to clean up the room. This time around we are headed into winter. I do wonder what I’ve gotten myself into this time!

So, the mama arrived today. Extremely skinny. You can see every rib, every vertebra, and her back hip bones. Poor thing. She was a stray, picked up by The Humane Society of Fulton County in Canton Illinois on November 4th, 2008.

I like getting the mamas before they deliver. It makes it much easier on me that way. I can bathe the dog, flea treat her, worm her, and treat any illnesses she may have BEFORE the pups are born. This summer our mama came to us with her pups whelped and we had a flea and parasite ridden dog who was nursing. No fun. Much better to have the mama first and the pups after you find out what you’re in for.

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