Behold Kong

Today Annie and I spent the day outside – me hauling mulch (I am sick of hauling mulch) and her chewing obsessively on her Kong. Long Live the Beloved Kong. This dog chewed the top of the red Kong but the black Kong seems to be working for her. She chews that thing for hours a day.

She has showed me that she knows how to fetch. It is clear that someone loved her and played with her. I take her with me to get my son off the bus and she wriggles with joy when she sees him, but then sniffs him and looks back toward the other kids getting off…looking for someone else? These are the stories you make up to fill in the gaps of the dog’s life: Annie had a boy who loved her and played with her and road a bus and she would wait for him to get off and they would go home and play fetch together and she would wag her tail until she thought it would fall off…

November 15, 2008 • Tags: , • Posted in: Annie

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    […] She did great and I was very impressed by her easy going nature. Now if we can just figure out this Kong obsession! Really, though, she was friendly, open and happy to let them interact with her. I couldn’t […]

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