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Greta’s puppies are 2 weeks old

So, the puppies are two weeks old yesterday.  They are huge.  I know I haven’t had pups in the house for a year but I don’t remember them being so big so young.  And these little ones are already trying to walk!  It is so cute to see them wobbling around, bumping their noses on […]

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New photo of Tucker

Here is a new photo of Tucker (formerly Oak, from Willow‘s litter). What a big beautiful boy he is! Looks just like his brother, Otis.

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Pups at play video

Spring is here and the pups got to play in the BIG kids yard with my dogs, Hermes and Bella and our friend Abby (who is Willow‘s daughter). They had a blast and were tearing around for nearly an hour. [flashvideo file= /]

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Rubi has surgery for obstruction

This disturbing report from Rubi‘s family (of Willow‘s litter): Really wish I lived closer. If you ever do a get together of all of Willow’s litter mates, we will hopefully be able to do something like that. It would be neat to see how Rubi Red reacts. 🙂 A quick update on her. Lets see, […]

A note from Tucker

Recevied this nice not from Tucker (formerly Oak of Willow‘s group): Hope you had a wonderful holiday and a nice start to the New Year!! Mom took these pics of me last week in the snow and thought you might like to see them. My mange has cleared and I got a GIANT rawhide bone […]

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A Sugar filled slide show

We received this update on Sugar (Sugar Maple of Willow’s litter): Hi, Happy Holidays! I think I finally figured out how to attach some pictures. Sugar is doing great, her mange cleared up and she was spayed a couple weeks ago. We used the animal hospital in Glendale Heights, they couldn’t have been any nicer and […]