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Annie is a Good Mama Dog

The puppies had their final nurse on Sunday night. I was shooting video, trying to capture the beauty of nature – how everything works as it should. Pups suck and milk lets down so they can drink deeply and fully. You can even see the milk dripping from the open nipples, and hear the deep […]

Annie gets new people

Today I confirmed with Annie’s new home that she is indeed going home to them in a couple weeks. It was a bittersweet phone call for me. In this short time I have become very attached to her. She would definitely be easy for me to adopt myself if I had room in my heart. […]

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Annie and Pups Update

Annie may have a new family! It’s still early in the process, but the thought makes me both happy for her (and happy and sad for me). If it’s a good match, it would be wonderful for her, but I will miss her. Puppies continue to eat well, better every day. Now when I walk […]

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Annie Gets Her Groove Back

Just a week removed from whelping her 8 pups, our foster dog Annie is getting her groove back! She loves to play, especially with her Kong bones.  She has two plug type and one bone-shaped Kong and loves chewing and fetching. We have been increasing her play more and more and she tells us when […]

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Video of Annie and pups

Here is a video taken November 20, 2008 of foster dog Annie nursing her eight 4-day old puppies!

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Annie’s Pups: Day 3

I decided that enough is enough and that I had to change that dirty bedding she’d been nursing on for the last 24 hours. Normally I like to change the bedding twice a day but since she has seemed more shy around me I wanted to give her some space. But it was getting gross […]

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